Win a Very Special Connecta


We have teamed up with Connecta to create a very special prize. This is a standard size Connecta made from the prototype wrap fabric for the Natural Mamas Oscha! Only one was made in standard size and it can be yours! Just follow the link  to Facebook and comment on the post!

Win a pair of barefoot shoes with Team Bear-Foot!


We have a family tradition when it comes to first shoes – both Angus & Winifred had Livie & Luca elephants and, it is now time for (Tiny Baby) Miles to follow in their footsteps. Angus had navy ones, Win had red ones, and this season Livie & Luca have produced them in a brown […]

Top Ten Carriers 2016


Following the survey conducted in 2015 by UK based Sling Libraries and Babywearing Consultants. It was decided to once again repeat the study and the results are in for the Top Ten 2016. In the past year the number of sling libraries and consultants has grown dramatically (there are now over 170 sling libraries in […]

We have fairies in our house…

Fairy time

I suspect you do too. Be it the Tooth Fairy, the Birthday Fairy, or even the lesser known Sock Fairy, who borrows socks from your washing machine, and nearly always forgets to return them. Well, the Natural Mamas House is no different. We have several fairies who come to visit the forum throughout the year. […]

The Threads the Bind Us


I am a total advocate of babywearing. I had a stretchy wrap when my son was born, then a Baby Bjorn; I stumbled across my local sling library and progressed through an Ergo to a mei tai to woven wraps and other carriers. What interests me now is the journey that some of these slings […]

Rude Health *Editorial*


Eat Right, Stay Brilliant with Rude Health Rude Health is a small company with big dreams. With great food inside us, we feel we can do just about anything; change the nation’s eating habits, revolutionise farming and look sexy while line dancing. Rude Health make a range of cereals, snacks and drinks containing no refined […]

She Touches the Earth

Wrapped in a measure of cloth, I have held my daughter close to me, heart to heart on my front, or, crow’s nested on my back, from this point of closeness, she has eyed her surroundings, been held within our family and has gently, slowly come to be in the world. My daughter, strong, determined, […]

Babywearing Workshops – Evelink Kirkilionis


Renowned babywearing expert Dr Evelin Kirkilionis and author of A BABY WANTS TO BE CARRIED: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BABY CARRIERS AND THE BENEFITS OF BABYWEARING is holding two UK workshops organised by the School of Babywearing in Birmingham on 5 July 2014:   Dr Evelin Kirkilionis, who has worked on the subject of carrying […]

Pay it Forward – Sling Library style


By Nicola Lawson from the West Yorkshire Sling Library  I really hate the money bit of running a sling library, I hate setting fees and asking for cash, but I have gotten used to it as I have seen how vital it is to keep the service going – to help people carry safely and […]