Sling Safety with younger babies

JPMBB Safety - Leg Position

This article was kindly shared by Rosie Knowles from Sheffield Sling Surgery. Rosie trained under Lorette Michallon at the Slingababy School, has done courses with the UK School of Babywearing and is a medical adviser for Trageschule UK. She is one of the founders of the popular Sheffield Slings group, a GP, and a mother […]

Babywearing Quiz! – Big Camp 2013 version

The 2013 winning team

At Natural Mamas Big Camp 2013 we had a wonderful Babywearing quiz put together by Emma and Helen. They are putting together a new quiz for 2014 and have shared the quiz from last year with us! Feel free to use the quiz at a meet or library!   Big Camp Babywearing Quiz 2013 1. […]



EcoCreate is the brainchild of Kirstie Adamson and Charlotte Rhoades, two crafty mamas with a passion for the natural world.  Their website, EcoCreate allows others to create their own shop online and sell their handmade eco friendly creations. Art made from junk, vintage clothes and jewellery, natural hand dyed yarns, upcycled furniture, handcarved spoons and […]

Babywearing Picture Advent Calendar FINAL PICTURE 24/12

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A huge big thank you to Ali and all those who approved the use of their pictures, it has been so much fun to do this and what better way to finish than with a self portrait by our wonderful photographer Day 24 of our Babywearing Picture Advent Calendar! (c) Ali Dover – you can […]

Born at Home

Our first trip to the local park at 5 days old

My home is in Florence Park, and in the hours of darkness on January 2nd 2013, my daughter was born at home. Wonderful things happen in our family home. Love and imagination build up riches of original thoughts and the depths of feeling for each other. Light streaming in through our windows, filtered by the […]