Reading Eggs Review

Reading eggs is an online world created to help children aged 3-13 to learn how to read. It is a programme which allows each child to follow the lessons at their own pace.

Starting with phonics basics it progresses quickly to reading words and short stories. Each completed lesson rewards the child with golden eggs and they can be spend on games, items from Reggie’s shop or on altering Reggie the Egg character who accompanies them through the different maps.  On their journey through the maps they collect different critters which are shown on the map in their egg before hatching when the lesson is completed. There are 12 maps with 10 lessons each. At the end of each map the child will complete a test and this generates an automatic email to the parent account.

When starting the programme there is a test which determines where on the maps the child should start. Parents have the ability to reset the placement test at any point or manually place their child on a different lesson if they feel the level is too easy or too hard.

Every new registration is given an obligation free 2 week free trial to the program so you can try it out before deciding if you want to purchase. Pricing starts at £29.95 for 6 months for one child and £39.95 for a year. Sibling subscriptions are charged at 50%when purchased at the same time.  Free trials and subscriptions include access to both Reading Eggs (for 3-7 year olds) and Reading Eggspress (the next level for 7-13 year olds).

Reading packs are available in two sets. Set one for lesson 1-40 of Reading Eggs and set two for lesson  41- 80. Priced at £39.95 per pack  and £69.95 for both if bought together with a subscription.


Reading Eggspress

In addition to the Reading Egg maps and lessons there is Reading Eggspress which focuses on building on different literary skills. Reading Eggspress is aimed at 7-13 year olds and takes place on a floating island where the child can choose from a range of activities and a library with books to read.


And very exciting is the mathematics programme which is currently in the testing stage. Mathseeds follows a similar pattern to Reading Eggs. We are lucky enough to be part of the free trial and it has been an instant hit with my 6 year old. The programme is scheduled for release before the summer, keep checking the Natural Mamas blog for a promotion!


There are currently 6 different apps available from Reading Eggs

  • Eggy Alphabet
  • Eggy Nursery Rhymes
  • Eggy Words
  • Tap the Cat
  • Reading Eggs Spelling
  • Targeting Maths

A parent’s view

Anne: I was sceptical when I first read about Reading Eggs.  I have an 8 year old who learned to read very easily by the age of 4 simply by being read lots and lots of stories.  My second child was 4 when we started using reading eggs and was not really interested in letters.  He is progressing quite slowly but is always able to pick up where he left off and has recently undergone a change where he now wants to read and begs to be allowed to do reading eggs. It is great to see his enthusiasm and we are now exploring the reading packs which you can purchase from Reading Eggs to compliment the programme.

Could there be any improvements? I would love to see the option to switch off activities my children do not enjoy. Ruben found the golden goose activities very hard due to his lack of mouse skills, if possible I would have switched it off as it led to frustration on his part.

Overall I am very happy we found Reading Eggs and I will continue using it for my children.

Rebecca: The apps compliment the Reading Eggs programme very well, they are as entertaining as educational which is amazing.

A Child’s view

Ruben – 6 : “I really like it because it has lots of fun games to learn.”

Ben – 8: “I like seeing the new critters hatch from their egg.”

Reuben – 3 :” I like the stickers and signing the good songs.”

Extended free trial

Reading Eggs offers an obligation free two week free trial to new users and for Natural Mamas they have extended this to a four week free trial. All you have to do is register as normal at and then insert the code UKM24NAT in the‘Have a Promo Code?’ box on your parent dashboard once set up is complete. The code is valid until the 30th of April for newReading Eggs accounts.

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