11.11.11 – remembrance day and crochet

Not two things that have often been linked before if at all. Hopefully thanks to one of our members that will change.

For many years the poppy has been the symbol of remembrance day and you can buy them in all shapes and sizes. Naomi ( Bilgewater) is someone who is in her own words hooked. She loves all things crochet and makes some amazing things. This year she made her very first pattern – a poppy. She is sharing this pattern so that those who want to combine their crafting with remembrance can also make their own crochet poppies.

Please do still make your donation to the red poppy appeal even if you make your own so that the charity can continue to do their amazing work. To celebrate the new pattern and to remember those who were lost in war and fought for freedom Natural Mamas will be making a donation to the appeal.

To mark remembrance day the forum will be turned off to honour the two minutes silence at 11am.

Naomi has made a poppy as a give away to one member. If you would like to receive the poppy please comment on this post to say what remembrance day means to you.  The winner will be chosen on the 12th of November.


  1. Dawn Murray says

    What beautiful poppies! Remembrance Day means a lot to me. As a silly 14 year old girl I went on a fun school trip with the school history department. The location was France and Belgium, we spent 2 weeks going from town to town visiting the graveyards and battlefields of the men who gave up their lives for our freedom. The sight when we first saw them was overwhelming- there were so many- and in Ypres buried where they fell- and what’s more- so many were so young- the same age I was at the time of the visit. It wasn’t just children on the trip- there were adults there to tour the battlefields and graveyards- there was a lovely elderly man who had travelled to find the grave of his uncle- I found his grave and he was incredibly emotional. It made it seem so very real and touching. These poor young men – who were so young and in appaling conditions. So sad- when I see the poppy I think of those graveyards- so vast and expanding all over the french and belgian countryside. Bombs still surfacing in fields, along with missing men as a reminder of the horrors of the past. It reminds me of how fortunate we are today. I also think of our servicemen and woman all over the world still fighting and giving up their lives. It’s amazing how a flower can symbolise so much.

  2. Rebecca says

    Naomi is very clever!!

    Remembrance day to me has always been a time to remember the great sacrific that humans can give for each other. Although war is the greatest if evils and ‘fighting for peace’ is a rediculous notion, I am honored that we live in a country that will give so much to protect the rights and freedoms of the world. I will always be grateful for the privilege of living here and will work tonwards keeping our country one to be proud of. But will pray everyday that war can be eradicated from our planet.

    • Carla says

      Is very generous of you to donate to Poppy Appeal :)

      Is kind of funny, because I come from a country that wasn’t involved in any of the 20th century wars…well, not directly, but we had our own wars at home as a result of what had been going on in the world. I say this because I grew up not knowing anything about Remembrance Day and it wasn’t until I moved here, over 14 years ago, that I started to get familiarized with it.

      At uni -here in UK- I wrote my dissertation on a subject very much related to the WW’s and I really became interested not in the so called “gains” of wars, but the “losses” and the “effects” that wars cause on people as individuals, as families, as part of societies and nations.

      Nowadays I see and talk about Remembrance Day with lots of respect and always hoping that once day we won’t have any wars in the world….. It might sound like a dream, but I do believe everything is possible when one/many put their hearts into it :)

      Carla x

  3. laura says

    Remembrance day means the world to me, my grandfather fought in the second world was and it was during this time he met and courted my grandmother, on one occasion while stopping over, he had arrange to take my grandma out, but he was told that he was to be on guard duty that night, he swapped shifts with his best friend so that he could still go out. That night there was an air raid which killed his friend if it had not been for that brave young man taking over his shift I literally would not be here today. I owe my life to a fallen soldier and before my grandparents died myself and my brother promised them that we would never forget and that we would ensure our children and their children will also remember.

    • Jo says

      Remembrance day is an opportunity to stop and think, and remember those who gave their lives for the life we live today. It is a time to try and explain to our children what a sacrifice they made for all of us.
      I watched a programme today where two old veterans were talking about their experiences, one man in particular was so emotional about what he had witnessed, he was 15 at the time and is now well into his 80’s, he said it stays with you every day of your life.
      So many young men died, it is so sad, that could have been our brothers, our fathers, even ours sons.
      Lest we forget.

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