Babywearing Safety

Bag-style slings, as their name suggests, resemble large shoulder bags with a deep pocket for the baby to lie or sit in, an elasticated opening and a strap designed to be worn over the sling user’s shoulder, or across the body. The sling using community, has been actively warning against their use for some time. The warning has now been heeded in the USA, where the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has raised the alarm about their safety. One brand is now the subject of a product recall and it is to be hoped other manufacturers producing this type will be encouraged to withdraw them from sale in the future. At Natural Mamas, we share the concern about this type of sling, and urge parents to inform themselves about safe babywearing.

Sadly, the announcement has caused some confusion, with some reports believing the warning extends to all slings. This is not so, and traditional pouches, ring slings, wraps, mei tais and soft structured carriers are, and always have been safe for use with your baby so long as you follow the guidelines on correct positioning.

Broadly speaking, you should keep your baby snug to you, close enough to kiss her head, with her chin clear of her chest to avoid any constriction of her airways, and her back fully supported. Her nose and mouth should be free of any obstruction.

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